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Equality, Human Rights and Diversity

Equality, Human rights and Diversity

The purpose of these web pages is to share with you activities that the Health and Social Care Board (HSCB) is undertaking with regard to Equality, Human Rights, Diversity and Good Relations, and to provide access to the screening outcomes of HSCB policies.

Section 75 and Schedule 9 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998

As a Public Authority, the HSCB is required to promote equality of opportunity and good relations in carrying out its functions under Section 75 and Schedule 9 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998. To demonstrate its compliance with the legislation the HSCB produced an Equality Scheme which was approved by the Equality Commission NI on 4 October 2011.

As part of the equality duties the HSCB was required to undertake and Audit of Inequalities across its functions.

Our Equality Scheme, progress reports are available below to view or download.

Annual Progress Report 2015-20161.3 MiB3612

Screening of Policies

A key element of the Section 75 equality duties is the screening of policies. Our staff are regularly provided with specialist screening training.

Screening Outcomes are available for download from the Business Services Organisation’s website – www.hscbusiness.hscni.net/services/2166.htm


If you would like to contact the HSCB about the Equality Scheme or about equality issues you can meet or contact:

Michael Bloomfield,
Director of Corporate Services
Telephone: 028 9536 3028
For text relay use 18001 028 9536 3028
Email: Enquiry.hscb@hscni.net

You can also contact the Equality Unit of the Business Services Organisation. The Equality Unit are responsible for supporting and advising the HSCB on equality and human rights.

Telephone: 028 9536 3961
For text relay use 18001 028 9536 3961
Email: equality.unit@hscni.net

Alternative Formats

Our organisation is committed to making information as accessible as possible and to promoting meaningful engagement.

Any request for a document or communication from HSCB in another format or language will be considered.

We will respond to requests for information in alternative formats in a timely manner, usually within 20 working days (unless third party timescales dictate otherwise, for example, translation providers). Please use the contact details above.


Title and link to downloadDescriptionDate
HSCB Disability Action Plan April 20188th August 2018
HSCB Equality Action Plan 2015-2019 (Updated April 2018)1st May 2018
Annual Progress Report 2015-201617th October 2016
Disability-Action-Plan Post-Consultation-Report24th March 2016
Audit Of Information Systems Report April 2014-PDF22nd July 2015
Audit of Inequalities Action Plan 2013-20184th September 2013
Disability Action Plan - EasyRead28th March 2013
HSCB Summary Equality Scheme - January 2012 - PDF 143KB9th January 2012
HSCB Summary Equality Scheme - Text Only - January 2012 - PDF 95KB6th January 2012
Consultation Report - Equality Scheme And Audit - PDF 521KB8th December 2011
Section 75 Northern Ireland Act 1998 - PDF 17KB5th December 2011
Equality Scheme Easy Read - August 2011 - 527KB5th December 2011
Equality Scheme - May 2011 - PDF 352KB5th December 2011
HSCB Draft Equality Scheme Consultation-December201018th April 2011