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Reference Committee

Reference Committee

The Reference Committee exercises the HSC Board’s function in considering serious disciplinary matters relating to family health services practitioners, General Medical, Dental, Pharmaceutical and Ophthalmic.

The Committee is comprised of two Non Executive Directors and one Executive Director:

The frequency of meetings is determined by the Chair and the Panel meets at least once per year to review its working arrangements.

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference for the Committee will be kept under review in light of any emerging or changing accountability arrangements for the HSCB.

The role of the Committee is to exercise the Health and Social Care Board’s function under the 2014 Regulations with respect to the referral of disciplinary matters.

Where the Reference Committee receives information which it considers could amount to an allegation that a practitioner has failed to comply with his/her terms of service, it shall decide to either take no further action or to take both of the courses of action set out in Paragraph 2 of the Regulations:

a) to investigate the disciplinary matter;

b) to refer the information to, as it considers appropriate, the tribunal, the relevant professional body or the police.

In the decision on which course of action to be taken by the Reference Committee, it shall adhere to the 2014 Regulations.