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This website is now archived. The Health and Social Care Board closed on 31 March 2022 and responsibility for its functions transferred to the Department of Health as the Strategic Planning and Performance Group (SPPG). Information about the work of the SPPG can be found here https://online.hscni.net

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Board launches consultation into the Effective Use of Resources (EUR) Policy. 

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The Health and Social Care Board has launched a consultation process into the Effective Use of Resources (EUR) Policy.

This policy sets out the referral criteria for a small number of procedures, most of which are related to the plastic surgery service.

In recent years Clinical Commissioning Groups in England and Wales have identified procedures which are considered to be of low clinical value and have developed policies for commissioning these procedures.

There needs to be a clearly defined and coordinated approach to ensure that the resources are used in an equitable and effective way. This helps to ensure services provide the greatest clinical benefit for patients, while maximising the effectiveness of public resources.

The HSCB has now detailed the range of proposed procedures/treatments which takes account of emerging clinical evidence from The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and similar organisations, across a broad range of procedures.

The updated criteria have also s been informed by a range of stakeholders including healthcare professionals, Trust managers, GPs, Royal College of Surgeons representatives, personal and public Involvement leads and Public Health Agency   staff.

The new policy aims to ensure that patients are provided with the best clinical care. It is anticipated that once implemented this updated policy could reduce waiting times and help guide the allocation of resources to those areas of greatest clinical benefit.

Members of the public and interested parties are encouraged to participate.

For further information including documentation please visit – 2021 EUR Consultation – HSCB (hscni.net)

To respond via online survey, please visit – Northern Ireland Evidence Based Commissioning Position: Effective Use of Resources – NI Direct – Citizen Space