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Care home community networking events

South Belfast MP Emma Little Pengelly with staff from Public Health Agency, and South Belfast Integrated Care Partnership committee
South Belfast MP Emma Little-Pengelly with (from left): Clare Flynn, Strategic Health & Wellbeing Officer, Forward South Partnership & member of ICP South Belfast Partnership Committee, Gary Cousins, Care Home Transformation, PHA and Kathy Fodey, Care Home Transformation Project Lead, PHA

A series of community events will be held over the coming months to explore opportunities to improve the quality of life of care home residents.

Organised by community groups, supported by Integrated Care Partnerships, and funded by the Public Health Agency as one part of a range of initiatives being delivered under the Care Home Transformation project, these events aims to start a conversation about how people living in a care home setting can be more connected with their local community and have easier access to the many supports available in that community.

The events will give care home staff and residents the chance to learn more about what is happening in their local community, how they can benefit from community events and programmes and will give community organisations a greater insight into ways that they can ensure they are inclusive of care home residents in their work and activities.

The first event, held in South Belfast in August, and organised by Forward South Partnership attracted over 70 attendees, with 25 from community and voluntary organisations, 21 from the statutory sector and 19 from different care settings. Feedback was very positive, and many attendees felt that it was a good opportunity to network and make contacts.

Other events are due to be held in Newtownards, Downpatrick, Lisburn, Ballymena, Larne, Carrickfergus and Omagh over the coming months.

A report will be prepared after all the events have been held, highlighting the key themes emerging from these events and the opportunities for improvement so that the Care Home Transformation project can consider what more can be done to help improve the wellbeing of care home residents.