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Celebrating developments in social prescribing


Today is Social Prescribing Day (Thursday, March 10) and the Health and Social Care Board (HSCB) is celebrating some of the developments across the region.

A regional workshop in 2019 highlighted the opportunities social prescribing can offer and attendees emphasised the importance of a co-ordinated regional approach to help develop the concept.

Since then, there have been a number of positive developments.

A Regional Social Prescribing Development Board has been established, co-chaired by Paul Cavanagh, HSCB Director of Planning and Commissioning, and Joanne Morgan, an experienced leader in the community and voluntary sector.

Paul Cavanagh said: “Social prescribing can play a really significant role in supporting our population’s health and wellbeing. The Board is an important strategic development and provides a mechanism for senior leaders from across government departments, health and social care and the community and voluntary sector, to work together to make social prescribing much more accessible and sustainable across the region.”

Work is underway through that Board to agree a set of key principles for social prescribing and a working definition, and to carry out an information gathering and scoping exercise on the range and scope of social prescribing services currently in place.

Joanne Morgan said: “The community and voluntary sector have so much to offer in supporting health and wellbeing and social prescribing can be a fantastic tool to help ensure that support can reach those who most need it.”

There have been a number of further developments in recent years:

You can join the network by emailing allirelandsocialprescribingnetwork@hscni.net