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Southern LCG

Southern Local Commissioning Group

The Southern Local Commissioning Group (LCG) covers the same geographical area as the Southern Health and Social Care Trust.

We are responsible for the commissioning of health and social care by addressing the care needs of our local population.

We also have responsibility for assessing health and social care needs, planning health and social care to meet current and emerging needs, and securing the delivery of health and social care to meet assessed needs.

To ensure that our work has genuine sensitivity and influence at a local level, our membership is made up of a range of professional interests such as –


You can view and download agenda and minutes of the Southern Local Commissioning Group from our meetings page.



Title and link to downloadDescriptionDate
Declaration Of Interests SLCG Committee 2022(March)23rd March 2022


Contact Details

Southern Local Commissioning Group
Health and Social Care Board
Tower Hill,
Armagh  BT61 9DR

Email: Southern.lcg@hscni.net
Telephone: 0300 555 0115

Southern LCG Membership

Dr Gerry Millar                   Interim Chair/General Medical Practitioner

Mr Liam Devine                  Community/Voluntary

Cllr Robert Colvin               Local Government Representative

Mr Leonard Maguire         General Dental Practitioner

Dr Ian Campbell                  General Medical Practitioner

Cllr Declan McAteer          Local Government Representative

Dr Raymond McVerry      General Medical Practitioner

Dr Brian Cupples                General Medical Practitioner

Cllr Sharon McAleer          Local Government Representative

Cllr Kyle Savage                  Local Government Representative

Vacant                                   Pharmacy Representative

Mr Kieran McShane          (Children’s) Health& Social Care Board Representative

Vacant                                   (Adult’s) Health & Social Care Board Representative

Ms Rose McHugh               (Nursing) Public Health Agency Representative

Mrs Geraldine Teague      (AHP) Public Health Agency Representative

Vacant                                   Public Health Agency Representative

Miss Sophie Lusby              Commissioning Lead