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Community pharmacies take lead in COVID-19 vaccination programme


Community pharmacies are taking the lead in offering the primary COVID-19 vaccines to those aged 18 and older who have not had their first vaccination.

More than 250 pharmacies across Northern Ireland are offering the Moderna or Astra Zeneca vaccines.

As the Health and Social Care Trusts have started to close the mass vaccination clinics, community pharmacies have taken over as the one of main sites for those aged 18 and over who want to get vaccinated.

Community pharmacies are also helping to deliver the flu and COVID-19 booster jabs this year.

Covid-19 vaccine boosters are being offered to:

This is in line with advice to the health service from the JCVI (Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation).

To find out how you can get vaccinated at a community pharmacy near you, please see Community Pharmacy Vaccinations – HSCB (hscni.net)