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Emergency dental clinics to be set up in Northern Ireland


Emergency dental clinics are being set up across the five health and social care trusts in Northern Ireland.

These clinics will see only those with urgent dental needs and patients will have to be referred by their local dentist.

These clinics are being set up in response to the coronavirus (CoVID-19) situation as local dentists have had to restrict the level of dental care they can provide to patients to prevent the spread of the disease.

Under the plan, clinical staff will remain in their dental practice to answer telephone calls from patients experiencing dental problems.

They will carry out a first stage triage process over the phone. Any patients then requiring emergency dental treatment will either be seen by their own dentist or be referred to these clinics depending on the treatment required. Emergency dental treatment includes dental abscess, oral swellings, severe tooth ache, dental trauma and bleeding following a dental extraction.

These clinics will also treat any identified CoVID-19 (coronavirus) patients as well as any other patients who require emergency dental treatment.  All staff treating these patients will be provided with full PPE equipment.

The emergency dental clinics will be staffed by high street dentists who have offered their services along with the support health trust staff.