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Consultation – Categories of medicines for instalment dispensing

Community Pharmacy Medicines Adherence Services

Consultation on categories of medicines for instalment dispensing

The Health and Social Care Board is carrying out a consultation on categories of medicines for instalment dispensing by community pharmacies.

Closing date: Friday 13 March 2020

Consultation documentation

Title and link to downloadDescriptionDate
Instalment-Dispensing-ConsultationCover Letter20th December 2019
Medicines-Adherence-Consultation-Instalment-DispensingConsultation document and response form.20th December 2019
Instalment Dispensing - Appendix 1 Equality Screen Final DraftAppendix 1 - Equality, Good Relations and Human Rights document.20th December 2019

For further information contact:

Tom Coyle
Community Pharmacy Services Programme Manager
Integrated Care
Gransha Park House
Gransha Park
Clooney Road
Londonderry     BT47 6FN

Email: Tom.Coyle@hscni.net