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Day Opportunities for Adults with Learning Disability Consultation

Consultation Documents –  Closed

Consultation Response Booklet-Learning Disability Day Opportunities92 KiB1146
Consultee Letter - Consultation Extended26 KiB1275
Easy Read - Consultation Response Form1.1 MiB1264
Easy Read - Regional Learning Disability Day Opportunities-Adult0.7 MiB1040
Equality And Human Rights Screening0.2 MiB1000
Frequently Asked Questions54 KiB1276
Online Response Pro-forma42 KiB1094
PR - Consultation Begins Day Opportunities Adults With Learning Disability50 KiB1089
PR - Day Opportunities Consultation Extended46 KiB1105
PR- HSC Board Approves Regional Model For Day Opportunities46 KiB1191
Post Consultation Report - Day Opportunities PDF 428KB0.4 MiB1204
Public Meetings - Day Opportunities For Adults With A Learning Disability56 KiB1110
Regional Learning Disability Day Opportunities-Adult0.3 MiB1307