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Interpreting and Translation Services Consultation

Consultation Documents – Closed

Analysis Of Responses To The Consultation Document0.5 MiB1765
Board Meeting February 2014 - Cover Paper0.2 MiB1288
Excerpt From Board Meeting February 20140.6 MiB1330
Future Arrangement For Intrepreting And Translation Services-Consultation Document0.4 MiB1209
Interpreting And Translation Services - Consultation Response Pro-forma39 KiB1289
Interpreting And Translation Services - Consultation Response Pro-forma0.2 MiB1064
Interpreting And Translation Services - Equality And Good Relations Screening0.4 MiB1165
Letter To Consultees0.2 MiB1544
Online Response Pro-forma42 KiB1154
Press Release - Future Arrangements For Language Interpreting And Translation Services46 KiB1349
Review Of Regional Language Interpretation And Translation Services1.1 MiB1897