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Proposed changes to the NI weighted capitation formula 2016

Proposed changed to the Northern Ireland weighted capitation formula – sixth review

Closing Date: 5.00pm Friday 19 February 2016

This consultation process offers an opportunity for all stakeholders to consider and comment on the proposed changes to the weighted capitation formula for the population of Northern Ireland.

The HSCB is committed to making information as accessible as possible and to promoting meaningful engagement. The consultation document can be made available on request and where reasonably practicable in an alternative format e.g. braille, audio formats, large print or minority
languages to meet the needs of those for who English is not their first language.

How to respond

Comments are invited on the consultation questions listed in Section C of the consultation document.

Responses should be sent to:

Email: capitationformula@hscni.net
Written: Consultation on the Proposed Changes to the Weighted Capitation Formula
Finance Department
Health and Social Care Board
12-22 Linenhall St
Belfast BT2 8BS
Tel: 0300 555 0115

The consultation process will close at 5.00pm on Friday 19th February 2016. All responses must be received by this date.

Before you submit your response, please read Appendix 1 in the consultation document regarding the confidentiality of responses to
public consultation exercises in the context of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Consultation documents

Capitation Report1.1 MiB3282
Consultation Document And Response Form0.9 MiB1436
Consultation Document And Response Form WORD Version0.2 MiB1063
Consultation Letter0.1 MiB1000
Equality Screening0.4 MiB1173

What happens after the consultation?

Following the end of the consultation period, a post-consultation document will be developed, incorporating an analysis of responses and recommendations.