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Statutory Residential Care Homes Consultation Closed

Consultation Closed

Easy Access Document For Making Choices0.8 MiB1004
Equality Impact Assessment For Making Choices Consultation LARGE PRINT1.2 MiB1184
Equality Impact Assessment For Making Choices Consultation Normal Print1.2 MiB1059
FAQs For Making Choices Consultation50 KiB1002
Good Practice Guide Statutory Homes0.6 MiB1106
Letter To Consultees For Making Choices Consultation0.2 MiB962
Making Choices - Board Meeting Presentation 2811130.3 MiB933
Making Choices - Equality Impact Assessment PDF 870KB0.8 MiB1073
Making Choices - Post Consultation Document PDF 1.8MB1.8 MiB2801
Making Choices -Board Meeting 120614 Cover Paper PDF 335KB0.3 MiB973
Making Choices Consultation Document1.9 MiB995
Online Response Proforma22 KiB976
Press Release - Consultation Begins On Future Of Statutory Residential Care Homes67 KiB976
Questionnaire For Consultation Document92 KiB985
Questionnaire For Easy Access Document92 KiB981
Questionnaire For Equality Impact Questions For Making Choices Document77 KiB966
Statutory Residential Homes - Review Admissions Policy - PDF 323KB0.3 MiB1139