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ICP Reports

Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) Reports

Title and link to downloadDescriptionDate
Graphic-report-A-Call-to-Action 41st December 2020
Covid 19- Reflections From ICPsThe 17 Integrated Care Partnerships (ICPs) which have been in place since 2014 are local level networks of health and social care providers led by a committee which includes GPs, community pharmacists, community & voluntary sector, service users and carers, local councils and Health & Social Care Trusts. 27th November 2020
Report - Social Prescribing WorkshopReport on a workshop, held on 16 January 2019, looking at ways voluntary and community groups can work alongside medical professionals to help improve the physical and mental health of patients.14th March 2019
Joint Working In The West Conference ReportA conference celebrating the benefits of collaboration for patients and practitioners. Wednesday, 16 November 2016 Everglades Hotel, Derry. Conference Report

3rd February 2017
Integrated Care Partenrships Interim Impact ReportIntegrated Care Partnerships were established under a Department of Health (previously DHSSPS) Policy Implementation Framework which outlines the governance arrangements within which ICPs operate and the clinical priority areas they focus on; diabetes, respiratory, stroke and services for frail older people. This report is not intended to be a comprehensive evaluation or value for money analysis, it merely aims to highlight the early impacts being demonstrated by some  services at an interim point in the ICP journey.13th September 2016
Integrated Care Partnership Impacts HighlightsAn infographic highlighting some of the early impacts ICPs are demonstrating in the areas of frail older people, stroke, diabetes and respiratory care.

13th September 2016
ICP Policy Implementation FrameworkIntegrated Care Partnership Policy Implementation Framework18th April 2015