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Arrangements with Independent hospitals to treat non-COVID patients


As part of ongoing Covid-19 Surge Planning, the Health and Social Care Board has negotiated arrangements for partnership working with the independent sector hospitals

Trusts are now accessing the independent sector hospitals to treat urgent patients (Non-COVID) across a number of elective specialities (planned treatment), while Trust hospital sites prepare to concentrate on treating patients who have contracted the virus.

Kingsbridge Private Hospital,  Ulster Independent Clinic and North West Independent Hospital have agreed to facilitate Trusts in this initiative and will be providing up to 112 beds on a not-for-profit, cost recovery only basis for the duration of the pandemic.

Health and Social Care Trusts are currently identifying and scheduling the patients who can be treated in the independent hospital facilities and are finalising the prioritisation of those patient lists.  The initial focus is on urgent elective cancer patients.  Trusts and the independent sector hospitals are working together to facilitate the service relocation.

Hillsborough Private Clinic is also assisting Surge Planning efforts by accommodating some Trusts urgent elective ambulatory patients (who do not required to be admitted).  The HSCB has also approached other private sector providers and all are willing to assist.  The HSCB anticipates further involvement of the private sector in the near future.