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Latest developments in social prescribing

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Integrated Care Partnerships have supported the development of a number of social prescribing services over recent years and social prescribing is increasingly seen as an important way to provide a more person centred and effective approach to improving an individual’s health and wellbeing.

Following a regional workshop in 2019 work has continued to help grow social prescribing across the province.

The Health and Social Care Board and Public Health Agency are partners in a European funded project, VIGOUR, which is focussed on the scale up and spread of integrated care initiatives, which, for Northern Ireland, is focussed on the development of social prescribing.

As part of the scale up and spread of social prescribing the following has taken place:

It is intended that the Board will provide a space for senior leaders from across government departments, health and social care and the community and voluntary sector, to work together, with input from stakeholders and experts, to agree a collective vision for the role of social prescribing in Northern Ireland and work to embed that vision in relevant strategy and policy.



Report - Social Prescribing Workshop
Report - Social Prescribing Workshop
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