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High street oral surgery pilot PDS scheme 2017-18

High Street Oral Surgery Pilot Personal Dental Services (PDS) Scheme 2017-2018

The Health and Social Care Board has implemented a High Street Oral Surgery Pilot Personal Dental Services Scheme for 2017/18. This was approved by the Department of Health in September 2017.

When a patient requires specialist oral surgery treatment their usual dentist may refer them to a local High Street Oral Surgery practice. The most complex cases may be referred to hospital.

This pilot scheme aims to improve access for Health Service patients to High Street Oral Surgery specialist care through an increase in the number of patients treated and a reduction in High Street Oral Surgery practice waiting lists.

It is anticipated that under the pilot scheme fewer patients will need to be referred to hospital for their Oral Surgery care.

The pilot will operate across Northern Ireland and will run until 31 March 2018. If successful and subject funding availability, there may be a further phase of the pilot beyond this date.

The pilot will operate under Personal Dental Services (PDS) legislation.

Further details are available by contacting:

Diane McKillen,
Pilot Project Manager,
Health and Social Care Board,
G43, County Hall,
182 Galgorm Road,
Ballymena, BT42 1QB

Telephone: (028) 9536 2608
Email: diane.mckillen@hscni.net