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Learning Disability – Into the future

Learning Disability – Into the Future

The Health and Social Care Board (HSCB) is leading on a regional project to improve Adult Learning Disability Services across Northern Ireland.

The HSCB commissions health and social care services in Northern Ireland.  It is our job to make sure the population has appropriate health and care services.

The HSCB is working closely with the five Health and Social Care Trusts which provide health and social care services to people across Northern Ireland in hospitals, health centres, residential homes, day centres and other social care facilities.

The HSCB is looking to create a new Regional Model for Adult Learning Disability Services. This means that no matter where you live you will receive the services you need to help you and your family members or carers.

This new model will inform future services, taking account of population changes, experiences and the needs of adults with learning disabilities and supportive roles played by both statutory and community/voluntary sector providers across the region.

We are currently engaging with service users, carers, health and care staff and voluntary and community organisations across Northern Ireland to gain feedback on services with a particular focus on six key themes.

We are asking them what is working well, what can be improved and what do we need to start doing in order to improve the lives of adults with learning disabilities in Northern Ireland.

We will use co-production principles to develop the new model and hope to produce a report on this work early in 2020.