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Speakers provide wealth of insights at research conference

Brendan Whittle
Brendan Whittle

The ninth Annual Social Work and Social Care Research in Practice Conference took place on March 9.

Due to ongoing concerns over Covid-19, it was a virtual event which attracted a large audience.

A diverse group of speakers from across Europe – including Seville, the Republic of Ireland, Scotland and Northern Ireland – provided a wealth of insights and information during a varied conference programme.

The day was about dissemination and learning, and taking back messages to attendees’ respective locations.

Brendan Whittle, Director of Social Care and Children at the Health and Social Care Board, said: “Conferences are super opportunities for researchers, practitioners, academics, service users and carers to all present together and begin the task of sharing research outcomes.

“Whilst we know it takes much more than just dissemination of research evidence to get knowledge mobilised, or to get evidence into practice that can make positive changes, there are many other factors that can act as contributors or inhibitors. There are also other types of important evidence – not just research evidence.

“In Northern Ireland, a huge amount of work has been done to take the Social Work and Social Care Research Strategy and Implementation Plan, launched last year, to another level and make it real and meaningful,  and to generate greater organisational ownership for the research agenda.

“Anything that we can do to increase a research evidence appetite amongst social work and social care practitioners and students, has to be positive. It is about building that culture.”

For more details on the event, contact Anne McGlade, Social Care Research Lead, Health and Social Care Board – SWSCResearchConference@hscni.net.

A full conference report and recording will be made available.